One-Day Camel Trekking Morocco – A Not to Be Missed Experience

A trip to the Sahara Desert is certainly an experience that everyone must have at least once in their lifespan. It’s a voyage that well worth your effort & you’ll have loving memories to cherish for the rest of your life. Visualize yourself on the back of a giant camel, trekking through the massive Saharan desert. There’s nothing around you & all you can hear is the footsteps of the camels on the soft sand. The sky is clean all through the day & filled with millions of stars at night. Nevertheless, camel trekking in Morocco is a pretty soothing experience that you simply don’t want to miss out.

At Merzouga Desert Camps, we can create customized camel trekking tour in Morocco to suit your budget, requirements and interests. It does not matter if you’re one individual or 20 people wishing to explore the Moroccan desert and meet new people, or a small group of friends or family, we make sure you get to enjoy the best camel trekking experience in Morocco with the help of professional guides that speak your language.

Join us now to explore the magic of Morocco, the beautiful Sahara desert with its sandy dunes & millions of bright stars, century-old royal Kasbahs, oases covered with verdant palms and the numerous Berber villages. Discover the Moorish magnificence of Fèz, the historic medina of Marrakech, and the Roman relics of Volubilis. Our ultimate goal is to help you explore the genuine side of Morocco from a camel’s hump.

Trip Highlights:

  • Watch the beautiful sun rise of the Saharan desert from a tented camp
  • Trek to time-honored mountain villages and learn regarding the Berber custom while tasting mint tea.
  • Discover the Roman relics of Volubils
  • Discover the beautiful architecture and fascinating medinas of Morocco's regal cities.

We can organize camel trekking in Morocco throughout the year and can be customized as per your specific need and budget. Call us on +212 662-344816 or +212 666-367122 if you want to experience the most authentic side of Morocco.

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